How do you get power steering fluid off a driveway?

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would it be the same way you get oil stains off?

i know its psf because i just got it fixed yesterday

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9 Responses to How do you get power steering fluid off a driveway?

  1. the-kid says:

    gas and a scrubb brush

  2. beatupjeepdude says:

    kitty litter

  3. Big Daddy D says:

    Buy a can of brake cleaner spray the area till the brake cleaner puddles up the pour Dawn dish washing liquid detergent on it wash off with garden hose let it dry and the psf will be gone

  4. betterthanzero says:

    Light it.

  5. ccourier512002 says:

    Try cat litter. It works on other things.

  6. native says:

    powder laundry soap and water scrub with a stiff broom.

  7. jack1496t says:

    you can use dish soap or a degrease or power wash it

  8. mexican leona says:

    Pour kitty littler, let it sit for 24 hours and hose it down. The fluid should be off. If not repeat procedure with kitty littler or just regular old sand or dirt.

  9. tcpilarowski says:

    kitty litter has been known to work……….kinda grind it in, clean it up with soap/water.
    you could also put some dry pre-mixed cement on it to help it “disappear”
    good luck

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