How to remove old, deep oil stains on garage floor?

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We bought a 10 year old house with horrible garage. It looks like the old owners poured oil onto the floor and let it soak into the concrete. We have large (3′x8′) areas of stains of these types. We have tried the following, with no success: 1) Powerwashing with Krud Cutter degreaser 2) Scrubbing by hand with Oil Eaters oil remover/degreaser 3) Cleaning with 1 part muriatic acid, 3 parts water, scrubbing, then rinsing. After the muriatic acid cleaning, things looked good, for about a day. Then the oil from deep within the concrete migrated to the top again, so the stains look just as they did before. I then tried 4) Pour n’ Restore (cost a fortune, did nothing), and 5) Oil Eater again, this time poured on full strength, scrubbed well, covered with plastic, and allowed to soak in for 90 minutes, then poured boiling water on that, scrubbed well again, and pressure washed/rinsing. Again, looked good for about a day, then back to normal. We want to epoxy, so the oil has to come out!
We are trying to paint it (well, we plan to epoxy the floor, which is much the same). However, even if we were painting, we would have the same problem. You have to prep the floor so that the paint adheres, as oil seeping back up to the surface would break the bond between the paint and floor, causing peeling. I need suggestions for how to get the oil out — not suggestions for how I should finish off the floor. BTW, we used a “TSP substitute product” as we cannot purchase true TSP in this area.

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3 Responses to How to remove old, deep oil stains on garage floor?

  1. pstottmfc says:

    I suppose that at least one of the things you tried contains TSP (tri-sodium phosphate)?

    If so, and even this did not work, you will probably have to jackhammer the floor to remove the stained concrete and pour a new floor.

  2. orangecat says:

    Why not paint it? Aside from replacing it all together – it sounds like you’ve done everything possible….

    Or astro-turf it

  3. ~Jen~ says:

    I agree painting sounds like the only thing left to do! Astro turf is awesome as well. We have that on ours.

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